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Australian Counselling Service (ACS) is the clinical care division of the Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors (AIPC).

AIPC is the largest and longest established educator of Counsellors in Australia. AIPC has provided specialist Counsellor training for over 30-years.

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Our Services

Trusted mental health clinic

Once you book your session or reach out to us, our caring and confidential team will get in touch. We’ll walk you through the process, connecting you with one of our compassionate therapists best suited to your needs.

Highly subsidised

ACS clinical sessions are highly subsidised. Where as clinical mental health services typically cost in the hundreds of dollars per session, ACS individual sessions are $59, 3-pack is $150.

Highest standard quality-of-care

Depending on your concern, it can take several sessions to attain the clinical outcomes established between you and your therapist.

Our Mission

"Our Mission at ACS is to make quality mental health care available to everyone. As the cost of mental health services soar due to growing demand, ACS is placed to meet the community need for highly subsidised care."

ACS is committed to three pillars of quality-care

The client experience
We provide an exceptional experience and level of care for all clients. We handle every interaction with understanding, empathy and confidentiality.
The whole person
We see you as a whole person, not a patient. We aim to uphold your integrity and privacy at every step. Our process is collaborative and humanistic. We seek to understand your needs and work with you on a plan to ease your burden and optimise your wellbeing.
Learning and development
Our therapists engage in frequent professional supervision and training. This includes regular feedback and advice, self-reflection and ongoing development.

Ready for your appointment?

Now that we’ve introduced ourselves, we’d love to help you resolve the challenge that brought you here today. As your challenge was serious enough that you sought out a solution, let’s get started resolving it straight away!
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